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Select the corresponding PROJECT TYPE icon. Laptop = VIRTUAL, map marker = ON SITE, hand holding heart = WISHLIST, car = DELIVERY, tools = DIY

Add project description. Field is limited to 250 characters, the first 25 will display on the upcoming projects cards. Tip: Add the most important 2 sentences first additional information after. DO not repeat other information provided on this form.

For galaxy or other web registration enter the full url including "http://" or "https://". For email registration enter the contact's email address with "mailto:"before the address. Ex:)

Check to associate this opportunity with an event.

Enter the date the project takes place if it occurs on a single day. If the project is multiple dates or is a range enter the date the first project occurs.

Leave blank if the project occurs on a single day. If the project is multiple dates or is a range enter the date the last project occurs.

Enter the time the project starts.

Enter the time the project ends

Additional Time Description information if there is not a start and and time. Populates information entered under the date fields in place of a time or under the time field to add more description. Example text: Flexible, Multiple Shifts, Thursdays, 2/1 & 2/6,

Select and Investment priority to connect the project to an investment priority. Searchable but not displayed.

Select all counties the project supports. Does not display to users, helps with search criteria.

Enter the name of the location. ex:) City of Refuge, Zoom, United Way of Greater Atlanta. Not displayed. Helps with search criteria.

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